Effective Date: 01/11/2020

1. Introduction to Cookies Policy

Welcome to this Cookies Policy (“Cookies Policy”), which is a sub-part of our Privacy Policy. This Cookies Policy applies to you if you access www.scottrdempsey.com or my.scottrdempsey.com (our “Sites”). As detailed under our Privacy Policy, Dr S R Dempsey (“SR Dempsey”) automatically set cookies on your browsing device (tablet, mobile phone or computer) when you access any of our Sites mentioned above.

This Cookies Policy is provided to explain what cookies are, their uses, who sets them, your choices and other similar technologies. By accessing any of our Sites, you are automatically consenting to how SR Dempsey uses cookies on your device browser. If you do not want us to set cookies on your browsing device, you may opt-out as detailed below in section 7.

A cookie is a small piece of data that websites place on your device browser to obtain certain data about you automatically. When cookies are placed on your device, it obtains certain data from your hard drive and sends it back to us. The data automatically obtained through cookies and similar technologies is explained in our Privacy Policy. Some of the cookies are set directly by SR Dempsey (which are called First Party Cookies) while our third party service providers, such as analytics, content, payment processing, survey, appointment booking providers also set cookies when they help us with their services. Cookies set by third party services providers are called Third Party Cookies.

3. Why Do We Use Cookies?

Among other uses, cookies and other tracking technologies are used to;

  • Track our Sites’ activities;
  • Personalise web pages;
  • Identify you from other users and provide you with a good experience when you browse any of our Sites;
  • Enable you and other users to log into secure areas of our Sites. For example, cookies assist us in helping you access the checkout pages and member areas;
  • Gather analytical data (such as the number of our Sites’ visitors and their location on our Sites) through Google Analytics and other third party analytical software;
  • Improve the features on our Sites for a better user experience;
  • Personalise content and remember your preferences and choices (for example, your language and region);
  • Improve our email marketing; and
  • Gather data about you and tailor and display relevant adverts on our Sites based on your interest.

4. The Duration of Cookies

The cookies set on your browser may be of two durations: Session Cookies and Persistent Cookies. Session Cookies expire and disappear from your browser when you close your browser at a particular browsing time. This means that they do not stay on your browser for longer than a browsing session; hence their name – Session Cookies. Persistent Cookies, on the other hand, do not expire when you close your browser. Like their name, they remain on your browser for longer periods. Persistent Cookies may only expire on two circumstances: when you manually block or clear cookies through your browser or when their expiry date is complete.

5. Other Tracking Technologies

Like cookies, we also use similar technologies, such as beacons, pixels and scripts. These technologies also help us track user actions and how they react to our content. For example, beacons assist us with information of users who have opened the newsletters we send to their email address. They also help us with information about how many users have visited particular pages on our Sites. Beacons are not designed to be declined or blocked. However, you can limit how they track your actions by declining the cookies attached to them.

6. Third Party Tracking Software

We use third party tracking software that use cookies to track your activities on and use of our Sites. We use software such as Google Analytics (connected to Monsterinsights), Stripe and MailChimp to gather analytics and track user actions on our content. These software help us improve our marketing.

  • Google Analytics: We use Google Analytics, a software by Google Inc. to gather anonymous analytical data, such as the number of visitors, how long a visitor stays on our Sites, demographics, Site bounce rate, and device data (IP Address and other identifiers). You can choose to block Google Analytics by downloading a Google Analytics Opt-Out Add-on on your browser. To learn more about Google Analytics, click here.
  • MailChimp: MailChimp is a software that helps us with our email marketing. It uses pixels to track user activities, such as how many users open our emails, number of users who click our links, number of new subscribers, location and general marketing engagement. You may not be able to fully block pixels from tracking you; however, you can limit tracking by disabling images from loading in your emails – since pixels are mostly attached to images.
  • Stripe: Stripe is our payment processor, and it helps us with certain data, such as gross/net volume of sales, new users, successful payments, spend per user and other payment-related data.

7. Controlling or Blocking Cookies

You have the right to block cookies or modify your preferences. To control or block cookies, follow the instructions in your browser, usually within the Help, Tools or Edit sections – depending on the browser. Please, be aware that if you block cookies on your browser, some of the features or services performed by cookies may not be available to you any longer. For example, if you block cookies, you may not be able to view certain video content on our Site. You hereby take responsibility for any malfunctions when you access any of our Sites due to your disabling of cookies. To find out more about cookies and your browser options, see www.allaboutcookies.org.

We may review and change any part of this Cookies Policy at any time. Changes may arise as a result of new cookies law or changes in how we use cookies through our Sites. Any such changes will be posted on this page, and the Effective Date above will be updated to reflect the changes. We may update you of changes via your email address at our discretion.

9. Contact Us

For any issues or complaints regarding this Cookies Policy, reach to us via the contact data posted below:

Dr S R Dempsey